Sage-leaf Rock rose Seeds (Cistus salviifolius)

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Germination: irregular place seeds in boiling water and let soak for 12 hours


Sage-leaf Rock rose seeds (Cistus salviifolius)

Most of the Cistus come from the Mediterranean area and are typical representatives of Mediterranean scrubland. The aromatic Cistus salviifolius reaches a height of 2 m as a shrub growing in natural conditions. Unfortunately the plant has fallen into disuse as a medicinal herb, as it has lots of antioxidants. The infusion has anti-inflammatory qualities and reinforces the immune system. Also interesting as an anti-allergic.

The multiplication and germination of Cistus salviifolius in nature is particularly fast and productive after fires. Because of this, we tried out immersing Cistus seeds in boiling water before sowing and after approx. 2 weeks the germination rate was approx. 50% compared to untreated seeds that only offer a germination rate from 1-10%

Soil: If grown in pots check the permeability of the the substrate as it can not stand waterlogging.

Minimum temperature. -12 (Adult plants) in the garden should be in a sheltered place.

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