Toothache Plant, Electric daisy, PeekaABoo Seeds (Acmella oleracea) Spilanthes

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Germination approx. 14-21 days at 20 ° C


Toothache Plant, Electric daisy, Peek-A-Boo (Acmella oleracea) Spilanthes

 Acmella oleracea, also called Spilanthes oleracea is native to Peru and Bolivia. They are annual plants and very sensitive to the cold. Because of its effect to relieve pain in the Anglo-Saxon world, it is called "toothache plant". The flowers and leaves contain the active ingredient spilanthol that produces a strong tingling sensation in the mouth. The flowers have a higher concentration of the active component. In addition to an anesthetic it stimulates the flow of saliva. Those who have tested the flowers once (p. Eg in one of our Open Door days ) do not easily forget the experience.

The leaves, which when cooked lose most of their “numbing” effect are part of some Brazilian dishes (tucupi).

The leaves are also used for rheumatism, gout, inflammation (especially in the mouth and throat) and in folk medicine in Brazil are used for yeast infection on the skin.

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